Project "Asterisk" beta.

A small 3D game prototype developed in JavaScript for the browser with Three.js.I blogged about its development over the course of several weeks, but many details remain unrevealed.


The final project for my CMPSC 122 (intro to algorithms and data structures) course at Penn State. Written in C++, we had to convert faux airport data into statistics on planes landed, departed, crashed, and so on. Hosted on GitHub.

Miscellaneous C++ projects.

Smaller C++ programs also written for CMPSC 122. We had to write an email address validator, a dynamic array implemented with a physical array, and a dynamic array implemented with a linked list. Not the most exciting of projects, but I'm proud of the code quality.

Child Scare Kills.

A 2D WarioWare-style browser game written in JavaScript using Three.js. Developed with Liam McFalls for a child care class in high school, so it's a bit goofy.