A short history.

Born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I attended Conestoga Valley High School as part of the Class of 2016. I now attend Penn State University at University Park as a Computer Science major, with the intent to graduate in 2019. My passions have always included media of all kinds and computers; I've been programming in some form since 2012, and I've been thinking and writing about stories nearly my entire life.

In recent years I've developed a particular interest in Linux and open source software, and I've been working towards developing my skills in the hopes of contributing back to the FOSS community. I also care deeply about video games as an art form and source of potential for social change.

Social media.

Tumblr. My blog, as described elsewhere on this site.

GitHub. For those few projects that deserve to be seen by the Internet at large.

Twitter. Seldom used, but I like to keep it around for when I need it.

LinkedIn. For professional representation.


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